Art and Science meet as Kaesch combines five therapeutic principles in the pursuit of health and beauty.

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  • Chromo-Therapy

    Chromo Therapy  Chrome Therapy

    As far back as ancient Egypt Chromotherapy (or color light therapy) has been used to treat many different ailments. It was thought that the colored light would counteract the illness and balance the body. In many cultures it is believed that color has great influence on the mind and its emotions and even sway over the bodily systems and help with aches and pains in any extremities. Today it is a way for us to calm the mind and body as one and promote good health.

    In reference to the chakras, it is easy to see the connection between some colors and parts of the body when you lay the spectrum out exactly as it appears in nature. Focusing on key colors and the systems related to them can actually help in bathing as you are catering the part that is out of balance.

    This variation of light therapy technology sets our products above and beyond in the arena of relaxation. Our exclusive bathtubs are equipped with high-tech LED’s that cover the entire visible color spectrum. With the pool control, the user can halt at the desired color to best influence their state.

    KAESCH is proud to offer this unique and helpful accessory with our products to provide you with the best experience possible.

    KAESCH combines these 5 therapeutic principles with aesthetics to achieve beauty and health.


    Hydrothermal therapy is a treatment that originated in ancient Greece  and take advantage of the body’s reactions to hot and cold temperatures and the pressure exerted upon the body by water and the soothing sensation that it gives. Hydrothermal therapy affects the body by stimulating the nerves in the surface of the skin. The nerves, in turn, carry the impulses deep inside the body where they have multiple effects including stimulating the immune system, circulation, digestion, hormone production, reducing pain and reducing stress.As the name suggests, this form of therapy utilizes the combination of water and different temperatures.

    Hot water, between 36-38° C, (96.8F – 100.4F) promotes deep muscle relaxation and counteracts tension. Warm water, between 29-36° C,(84.2F – 96.8F) relaxes and promotes deeper sleep. Cool water, between 10-29° C,(50.0F – 84.2F) stimulates circulation and organ functioning.

    Just another way that Kaesch is determined to not give a better bathing experience but a better quality of life as well.


  • HYDRO Therapy

    Hydrotherapy is most easily defined as the therapeutic use of water.  It helps treat everything from typhoid to tumors. Hydrotherapy  relied on as an aid in treating muscular and joint injuries and arthritis. It also a treatment for general well-being in modern saunas and private bathtubs.

    The benefits of hydro therapy are a result of the principles of buoyancy, hydro-static pressure and water temperature. The principle of buoyancy of water comes into play when treating muscular or joint injuries. Being in water reduces body weight by up to 90%. This relieves the pressure on our joints and muscles and the feeling of weightlessness proves to be very relaxing mentally as well as physically.

    The weightless effect of water is also recommended for arthritis sufferers, as it eases joint stiffness and improves the mobility of the joints. Hydro-static pressure offers a form of massage that is soothing as well as healing. Studies at trauma and burn centers have shown that the massaging currents of water gently soothe touchy nerve endings while cleansing the wounds. This massaging action, combined with weightlessness, relaxes tight muscles. Hydrotherapy also releases natural pain killers, called endorphins, into our system.

    Adjustable jet pressure and water circulation, made possible by professionally developed technology, provide a massaging effect and thus a further increase in your experience of well-being.

  • OZONE Therapy

    Ozone therapy is the most powerful cleansing modality. Ozone is produced by lightening in nature and by pulsing high currents of electricity through medical grade oxygen. Oxygen is O2 and Ozone is O3. Ozone is very powerful in that it increases the stability of normal good healthy cells and it destroys all those immature, sick and deformed cells, which are foreign to the body, like viruses, bacteria, fungi etc. Ozone is an energized form of a super charged molecule classified scientifically as O3, O4, O5 etc.

    Electrically, Ozone is oxygen with a higher energy level. It is unstable and highly reactive. Singlet oxygen O1 is a highly reactive free radical that acts as a scavenger of other free radicals .The oxygen reacts with them to render them harmless, there by protecting cells from damage. Oxygen is the most vital element required for human life and it is the key to good health. The best way to optimize health is to oxygenate every cell in our body. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce. The more efficiently we can eliminate wastes.

  • AROMA Therapy

    Aromatherapy doesn’t just smell good, it also benefits you in many ways. Some aromatherapy benefits that are more commonly known include:

    • Relaxation and stress relief
    • Mood enhancement, balance and well being
    • Relief of minor discomforts
    • Boosting the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems

    As scents are inhaled, the smell travels across the olfactory nerves located inside the nose and then up into the part of the brain that controls our moods, our memories and our ability to learn. This area is called the Limbic System and when stimulated it releases endorphins, neurotransmitters and other ‘feel-good’ chemicals.

    A few drops of your desired oil in a bath and it will unfold its effects through your skin and respiratory tract. The water’s motion intensifies the effects of the oils.

    Kaesch is proud to offer this with our new Micro Steam Shower system. The special technology developed by KÄSCH serves to atomize specific organic base oils so that they can be absorbed through the pores of the skin to develop their benign effects in the depths of the lower skin layers. Thus the skin is stimulated from inside by purely organic substances. The formation of facial folds is reduced and the skin becomes smoother and appears more youthful. Moreover, the system has a positive “side effect” on impure skin and skin diseases.